Reasons to Buy iPhone XR

iPhone XR is the new phone from Apple launched at the end of 2018. This is a new phone that is not as expensive as the xs or other new apple versions. The budget phone was created for people who want the luxury of owning a good phone without the high cost.

The iPhone XR might be a budget phone by Apple standards, but it still has a lot to offer. Some features are worth the price, but it also has some downsides. If you are planning to buy the new iPhone XR, here are some of the features that you will love:

Cool colors

One thing that makes the iPhone XR stand out is the cool colors. With this phone, you have the chance to choose a phone with a cool color.

This is a good break from the traditional black and grey phones that we are used to. You can choose blue, coral, yellow, red, black, and white. If you love colors, you will love the iPhone XR at first glance.

Good Camera

We cannot talk about a good iPhone phone without talking about the camera. In the age of social media, a good camera is everything when buying a phone. As usual, the iPhone XR does not disappoint.

It comes with a single rear camera, but that does not compromise the quality of the phone in any way. The 12-megapixel front camera is also useful when trying to talk those first pictures.

No Lagging

The iPhone XR has a fast processor, and you do not have to worry about lagging. It beats most of the high-end phones in terms of speed, and you will appreciate it if you are a heavy user. For heavy users, the phone is fast no matter the task you are performing.

When it comes to converting videos to 4k, it takes only 40 seconds. This is an impressive speed, and you will love the zero lagging that comes when performing most of the tasks.

Long Battery Life

Compared to other apple flagships like iPhone xs, the XR has the best battery life. It goes up to 11 hours while the xs can only manage 10 hours. Despite the low cost, the battery life of this phone is something worth commenting.

We also have some downsides to this phone, unlike other modern phones that come with an OLED screen. The iPhone XR still has the old LCD screen.…