Signs You Need a Freelance Management System

freelancer working

The number of independent workers and freelancers in the USA has exploded for the last two decades. This is an important shift in how businesses operate. In the past, freelancers were not widespread as they are now, and businesses did not need a dedicated platform to manage and track all freelancers they worked with. However, in this era, they do. Unfortunately, email and spreadsheets do not cut it as the number of freelancers keeps increasing. The following are some signs that you require a freelance management system. Ensure you get the right system that suits your needs.

Missed Deadlines

freelancer workingThis does not refer to missed deadlines because of family emergency or illness: even the 9 to 5 system is impacted by these as well. You must have experienced them in the past, and you know things do happen. However, some of the freelancers you hire will miss deadlines because of different reasons. Unlike full-time employees, freelancers have several projects on the go at the same time. If they are not organized people, they will forget their deadlines easily.

Work is Lost in the Email

Not getting to work is another issue and one that is impossible to overcome if a person lives multiple time zones away and does not respond to your emails. It is a good idea to make it clear to every freelancer you hire that you understand personal emergencies do occur. You need a system that notifies you as soon as possible so that you make alternative arrangements and not excuses.

They Go MIA

working onlinePeople who are new to freelancing have a hard time trying to stay accountable to you because you are not watching all their moves. For instance, one day, they will be answering your questions and send you routine reports, and the next time, they are AWOL. Surprisingly, you may have already paid a full or partial payment in hand. In such a case, you may be left to deal with payment disputes.

Ideas are Stolen

This one can be quite frustrating. It can happen to you. If the freelancer steals your idea, you cannot sue him or her. That is because you cannot copyright an idea. Such experiences will leave you justifiably bitter.

Misunderstandings are Easy

Although digital communications have helped businesses to transcend miles and even different times zones and have face-to-face interactions. However, misunderstandings can happen. For instance, your freelancer can feel criticized when you were only seeking clarification.…